Welcome to Gulf Coast Bible Institute


GCBI is a local church ministry providing high-quality, low-cost, Bible degrees through a proven distance learning program. We offer the prospective student the opportunity to begin or complete his Bible education without ever leaving home, job, or ministry.

GCBI offers the following benefits:

  • Strictly King James Bible (AV1611).
  • Baptist and local church in theology.
  • Lowest tuition of any Bible college we know of.
  • Tuition includes all books and materials needed.
  • Books and CDs become the property of the student.
  • Year round enrollment. Students may enroll at any time.
  • Husband/Wife programs at reduced rates.
  • Transfer credits determined on student-by-student basis.
  • Proctoring is not required for testing.
  • Graduation attendance is not required.
  • Degrees through Doctorate level.
  • Full transcription services provided to all students.

We invite you to pray about obtaining your Bible training from GCBI. You can even AUDIT a course from UNIT I to see how GCBI works. No matter what your calling, GCBI can help you achieve your Bible training goals!